Our efforts go directly toward solving the climate crisis. We invest in cost-effective, carbon negative, socially beneficial pursuits today to ensure balance tomorrow.


We live to create a more balanced world. A world where humans coexist with our natural environment. A world we are truly proud to call home.

What We Do

Balance Solar invests in renewable energy. Our unique financing options increase accessibility to clean energy, and our strong partnerships with solar installers and developers ensure customer satisfaction, return on investment, and system reliability. When the term is complete, we transfer 100% of the system ownership to the customer

Solar Farm
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 Balance partners with solar installers and developers to make renewable energy available to as many people as possible.

 Our financing options include $0 Down Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Leases, Prepaid PPAs (Tax Credit Discounts), and Incentive-Based Discounts. Click “Learn More” for more information on our financing options.


 Balance aggregates renewable energy credits in Illinois.

 We offer a streamlined application process that will save you time,  money and the administrative hassle of reporting performance for 15 years.

 For more information on SREC Aggregation in Illinois, click Contact Us below.


Installers & Developers

 Every customer has a different set of needs. That’s why we work closely with our installation and development partners to tailor each offer to the individual customer.

 If you think your company is a good fit for Balance, reach out through the Contact Us form below.


 Solar is a great investment, but the price is often intimidating.

  We believe everyone who wants solar should have solar, which is why we reduce barriers to entry as much as possible.

 Whichever option you prefer, we'll work to save you money while increasing your access to clean, renewable energy.


 Balance offers a multitude of investment options.

 If you would like to invest with Balance, reach out to us. We'll outline your options in detail, and work to meet your needs wherever possible.