Prepaid Solar Agreements (PSAs)

Prepaid Power Purchase Agreements are outstanding tools that help nonprofits and municipalities save money on solar.

Nonprofit and municipal customers save 12% or more on the cost of solar with a Prepaid PPA from Balance Solar.

Standard Prepaid PPA terms last 6 - 10 years.

Prepaid PPAs are very similar to traditional PPAs, with one key difference: instead of purchasing electricity over time, customers purchase electricity upfront.

Purchasing power upfront allows Balance Solar to reduce customers' initial cost by 12% or more.

Nonprofit and municipal customers can access the benefits of third-party ownership without the burden of long-term payments and responsibilities.

Uniquely, Balance Solar's PSA can be paired with other forms of financing. Private, taxable loans are completely compatible and frequently encouraged.

Prepaid Solar Agreements paired with loans can offer the same benefit as "$0 down agreements," like traditional PPAs.

Loan payments are typically lower than traditional PPA payments, especially after factoring in the cash flow that additional incentives provide.

Balance Solar's PSA provides the best ROI out there for nonprofits and municipalities who are considering solar.

If your project could benefit from a Prepaid Solar Agreement, reach out today!